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Mads Nissen Meets Europe’s First Photographers

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Young women in the Paris of the 1930s, milkboys in bare toes on Gammel Kongevej and Russian homosexuals. Selected photographs (1839 to 1939) from European archives are juxtaposed with and elucidated by award-winning Danish photographer MadsNissen’s photographs in the new photography exhibit ”Tomorrows and Yesterdays: MadsNissen Meets Europe’s First Photographers”, that opens May 13 at The Workers’ Museum in Copenhagen.

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Under Our Own Roof - The Workers' First Assembly Hall 1879-1983 Udskriv Email
Under eget tagA brand new interactive installation at the Workers' Museum brings alive the story of the workers' first assembly hall in Denmark.
Through touchscreens you can interact with 18 short films that tell the story of the building and the many activities that have taken place here through more than 100 years.

The installation has been developed in cooperation with the award winning design group Oncotype.

Funding has been provided by
Arbejdmarkedes feriefond (The Labour Market Holiday Fund)
Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond

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