Udløbet Omvisning

Onsdag 18. aug. 2021 - 10:00-10:45

Copenhagen2021: ACTIVIST with Mizz Privileze

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What motivates Mizz Privileze to be an activist, and why did they choose to take up the fight for LGBTQ+-rights and equality through drag performance?

During Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride and EuroGames, The Workers Museum and Mizz Privileze offers a walk and talk in the new exhibition ACTIVIST. Join the tour through the exhibition with a museum curator from The Workers Museum and dragtivist Mizz Privileze. The many stories and themes of the exhibition will be the framework for a tour with special focus on the norm-critical activism of Mizz Privileze.

The tour will be in english

Price: DKK 50,- entry ticket to the exhibition is included

The exhibition focuses on activists and their struggles for justice and equality throughout the last 60 years. It portrays more than 30 activists who are or have been active in movements against racism, imperialism and capitalism and for climate and environmental justice, peace, feminism and LGBTQ+-rights. Struggles which are different, but in many ways also connected.

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