Coffee Bar>

Old fashioned coffee & cake

Coffee Bar

Experience the old Copenhagen. Visit the 1950s coffee bar and get a taste of Danish culture.

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The 1950s>


The 1950s

Go back in time to the 1950's. Visit the small working class apartment and the old time shops.

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The Children's Workers Museum >

Free museum for children

The Children's Workers Museum

What was it like being a child in the 1930's? Play, touch and have fun in the museum for children.

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Fighting for time>

Get to know the Danish labor movement

Fighting for time

The story about the fight for 8 hour workdays.

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The Industrial Workforce>

The Industrial Workforce

Learn more about the Danish industrial development from the 1880s and forward.

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Opening hours and admissions >

Visit us

Opening hours and admissions

Want to visit The Workers Museum? Learn more about our opening hours and admission prices.

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The Sørensen Family>

3 generations of workers

The Sørensen Family

Visit The Sørensen Family, a worker family who moved to the big city in the 1980's.

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Café & Øl-halle 1892>

Traditional Danish smørrebrød

Café & Øl-halle 1892

Enjoy the fine art of traditional Danish smørrebrød in the historical basement restaurant.

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