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The Workers Museum

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  • All days: 10-16
  • Wednesday: 10-19
Clever Hands >

Special exhibition

Clever Hands

Join us on a journey into the world of craftsmanship. Where hands and heads work together to create.

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The Kids' Workers Museum >

Free admission for kids

The Kids' Workers Museum

What was it like being a child in the 1930's? Play, touch and have fun in the Kids' Workers Museum.

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The 1950's >

Visit The Hansen Family

The 1950's

Turn back time and visit the home of worker family Hansen from the 1950's.

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The Coffee Bar>

Enjoy the original Rich's coffee

The Coffee Bar

In our 1950's coffee bar you can try a cup of coffee with RIch's or taste a Danish STAR beer.

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Opening hours and admissions >

Visit us

Opening hours and admissions

Want to visit The Workers Museum? Learn more about our opening hours and admission prices.

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The Sørensen Family>

3 generations of workers

The Sørensen Family

Visit The Sørensen Family, a worker family who moved to the big city in the 1980's.

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The Industrial Workforce>

From farm to city life

The Industrial Workforce

How was the transmission from the life in the countryside to the life in the city for the workers?

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