Opening hours

  • All days: 10-16
  • Wednesday: 10-19
Summer holidays and fun in the backyard>

Free summer activities

Summer holidays and fun in the backyard

Have your summer fun and play games in the Copenhagen city backyard

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The 1950s>

Permanent Exhibition

The 1950s

How did the average workers family live in the 1950s?

The Coffee Shop>

Original from 1950s

The Coffee Shop

Have a break at the Coffee Shop - enjoy a beer, a cup of coffee or some sweets

Halfdan the Poet>

For kids

Halfdan the Poet

Come and play with rhymes and words in the interactive exhibition. Kids have free admission.

The Sørensen Family>

Permanent Exhibition

The Sørensen Family

The home of a working-class family, 1885-1990

Traditional Danish Lunch>

Café & Øl-Halle "1892"

Traditional Danish Lunch

We serve luxurious open-faced sandwich "smørrebrød" and local dishes in an authentic environment.