About Us

Festsalen topbilede

The Workers Museum is located in the Workers Assembly Building in central Copenhagen, dating from 1879, raised by the labour movement.

At the museum you can experience everyday life of the 1950s and visit the Sørensen Family who moved to Copenhagen in 1885. You can explore the development of industrial work and step in to the lives of working class kids in The Workers Museum for Children. Have a cup of 1950s chicory coffee in the original coffee shop and enjoy traditional Danish lunch in the authentic basement restaurant from 1892.

The vision of the Workers Museum:

The Workers Museum strengthens the will for an equal and just society by creating engaging sessions with history.

The mission of the Workers Museum:

We collect, preserve, explore, communicate and update the cultural heritage of the workers movement and the history of working conditions and everyday life in Denmark


The Workers Museum is:

  • A state-recognized museum for the workers, the everyday life of a broad span of the Danish population, the work life and for the history of the workers movement
  • A specialized research library for history of the workers

  • One of the biggest nationwide private archives focusing on the political left’s parties, organizations and personalities.