Udløbet Familie

03. Apr. 2023 - 10. Apr. 2023

Easter: The world’s largest lockout-bead-plate

Join our Easter family activity: "Say it with beads" and make your own protest bead plate. We mark the 10th anniversary of the famous Danish teacher lockout with an exhibition of the world's largest lockout-bead-plate created by teachers and children from all over the country.

Easter, beads and protests.

April  3 – 10: Be inspired by the 13 meter lockout-bead-plate and create your own. You can share your hope for the future and your message to the world. Symbols and slogans from the Danish Labor Movement might also be an inspiration. But you are free to make your protest bead plate exactly the way you want, of course. The bead workshop is open from 10:30 – 16:00.

At the Workers Museum you must also pay a visit to our popular children’s museum offering costumes, brewery games and grocery store. Children are allowed to play with it all, and at the same time they experience how Danish children lived in the old days. When you need a break, visit the 1950’s coffee bar, which offers an oldstyle biscuit cake, cocoa/coffee and Easter eggs, of course.

Admission is free for children. Book your ticket online and save 10%

Thanks to Hama for sponsoring beads and plates.

The world’s largest lockout-bead-plate

During the Easter holidays, the Workers Museum mark the 10th anniversary of the famous Danish teacher lockout. 69,000 teachers were locked out in one of the greatest labor disputes in recent Danish history. That is why we are exhibiting “the world’s largest lockout-bead-plate”. It is 13 meters long, assembled from more than 300 bead plates and made by 150 teachers and an unknown number of children. Let yourself be inspired by the creative masterpiece that shows the teachers’ experiences during the lockout i 2013.

Combine a museum visit with a traditional Danish Easter lunch at our restaurant, Café & Øl-halle. Remember to book a table beforehand. Cafe- & Ølhalle is popular and table reservation is necessary. Book a table online »