01. Jul. 2024 - 04. Aug. 2024

We Are the Working-Class Children🍦For families

Fun activities during the summer holidays for both children and adults 🌞 Free admission for all children!


July 1 to August 4 – 2024
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We Are the Working-Class Children

Come by and join us at the Workers Museum for fun and exciting experiences at the Workers Museum. Let your children try life as a working-class child in the 1930s. Here’s what you can experience:

👉Try historical games like terre, jante, and hopscotch
You can also choose to work as a delivery boy, bottle sorter, or matchbox packer. Or take care of household chores and do the laundry in the backyard.

👉Take a seat at the school desk
Who will be the strict teacher, and who will need to know the alphabet and multiplication tables by heart?

👉Escape from your duties
Build forts out of the backyard’s trash, find hidden swords and shields, or see who can jump the most times in a skipping rope. Because what would you rather do – play or work?

👉Explore our new exhibition ‘We are the Workers.’
Challenge each other in the old board games of the working-class children, ‘Falken’ or ‘Lejrspillet.’ Press the button and see if you dare to sing along to the songs from the workers’ songbook. Or try how it feels to lie in the small bed of the working-class family in the attic.

👉Visit the banquet hall
Write funny toilet rhymes and fold paper rat traps. Cold sodas, biscuit cake, and other treats are available for purchase at the Coffee Bar.

👉Ice cream and open sandwiches
Grab an ice cream from the shop or an piece of Danish ‘smørrebrød’ sandwich from the Café & Øl-halle’s smørrebrød’s cart. You might also like to try out the large ‘smørrebrød’ buffet in the restaurant. But remember to reserve a table: Café & Øl-halle.

We look forward to seeing you!

VI ER ARBEJDERNE is sponsored by Knud Højgaards Fond and Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond