Udløbet Familie

24. Jun. 2023 - 06. Aug. 2023

The Children’s Workers Museum buzzes with activities

From June 26 to August 6, the Workers Museum buzzes with activities for children - indoors at the museum and outdoors in the newly established authentic 1930s backyard.

Free admission for children. Purchase tickets for adults in advance and save 10%:


Experience an authentic Copenhagen 1930 backyard

Unleash your imagination in an authentic backyard that reflects the environment of working-class children in the 1930s. It’s a place filled with rules, unsanitary toilets, and grumpy adults, but it also offers opportunities for play and free imagination, away from responsibilities and reprimands. For working-class children in the 1930s, even a small puddle could transform into a beach, and a rooftop on a bike shed could become a holiday camp through the power of imagination.

In the courtyard, you can:

👉Explore the old toilets – dare you sit on the barrel?

👉Engage in historical games like “terre” and “jante” and enjoy a game of hopscotch.

👉Experience the challenges of battling with homemade shields made from margarine lids.

👉Test your skills in doing laundry the way it was done in the backyards of the 1930s.



At the Children’s Workers Museum, you can visit the grocery store, work as a bottle sorter at the brewery, take a trip to the pawnshop with your mom’s coat, relax in the workers’ apartment, and much more.

Drawing workshop 
In the banquet hall, we offer a drawing workshop where you can unleash your creativity, sketch your own backyard, and compose whimsical toilet poetry.

Treasure Hunt – Diligent People (ages 3-6):
Embark on an adventure in our cozy 1950s exhibition on the 1st floor and discover where the diligent people work. Place the stickers correctly in the collection album and receive a small prize at the Coffee Bar. Price: 15 DKK


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Feeling hungry?

The Coffee Bar – Head to the Coffee Bar and treat yourself to a refreshing red soda, a delightful old-fashioned apple cake, or a cup of coffee with Rich’s. In our Shop, you can also purchase the delicious and timeless Frisko ice cream.

Café & Ølhalle – If you get hungry like a worker you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to indulge in our famous open sandwich buffet at the  Café & Øl-halle. Everything is made from scratch. We guarantee you’ll leave satisfied. If the weather permits, you can also purchase open-faced sandwiches from our new sandwich cart and enjoy them in the great outdoors.