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Thorvald Stauning, who in 1924 would become Denmark’s first social democratic prime minister, joined the Social Democratic Party at the young age of 17. After this, he was active in union work in the organisation Socialdemokratisk Forbund. This union had its office in Rømersgade, where young Stauning worked from 1901. A union is an association of e.g. workers belonging to the same trade. In Stauning’s days, the number of unions was much larger than today, and the offices were often very busy. At the union office, you could join, pay your member fee etc.

The Children’s Workers Museum

In the Children’s Workers Museum, you can visit Thorvald Stauning’s office and the union office. You can write on a typewriter, stamp with old stamps, and experience what it was like to work for the budding Danish labour movement.
You can also see what Thorvald Stauning’s office looked like during his time as prime minister.
The red standards
In the exhibition, you can see some of the large red standards, that since 1972 have been used by the Danish Labour Movement at demonstrations, celebrations and labour struggles. The standards are made extra visible on the International Worker’s Day, 1 May. You can see more standards in the old Assembly Hall. In the exhibition, you can also listen to worker’s songs and watch a film about Stauning’s childhood, from little Stauning to big Stauning.


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