Expired: DKP 100 YEARS


New poster exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Denmark. Find it on the balcony of the Banquet Hall.

The DKP – a small party with great significance

The Party was founded 100 years ago on 9 November 1919 in the wake of World War I and the Russian Revolution. The Communists were in opposition to the remaining social order and especially the Social Democratic party the only workers’ party of the time. The Party didn’t have any larger influence through its work in the Danish Parliament, but through its existence as an opposition party and representative of a different view of society.

According to the DKP, power should be in the hands of the people and the working class, not in the pockets of the rich and their lackeys in government offices. And the path towards change was through revolution, not reform.

The DKP’s imprint

The Party made no great impact and only rarely had broad support. But regardless of this, the DKP left its imprint: through its union work, in the resistance during World War II and the Vietnam movement of the 1970s and the struggle against the EU. The Communists were controversial and were seen as a threat to different degrees. The Party uncritically supported the Soviet Union and simultaneously received financial support from it until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

DKP 100 YEARS can be seen on the Balcony from 10 November 2019 – 22 March 2020.

See a selection of the posters and read about their history. Click on the image below and scroll through the gallery.