Stop slavery!

The special exhibition Stop slavery! is focusing on slavery as a massive problem in the world in the past but also today.


Slavery has always been accompanied by resistance. Stop slavey! is a tribute to those individuals and groups who through the ages have fought and risked everything in the fight for freedom.

The exhibition takes its point of departure in a universally human dream of freedom. It sheds light on the sweet life of sugar traders in the 18th century in Denmark – and pinpoints the downsides of this lifestyle. It takes us to the slave forts of the Gold Coast and outlines thes fates of more than 100.000 enslaved Africans who were transported on Danish slave ships to the Danish West Indies. It unfolds West Indian slave society and gives glimpses of stories that have been hidden in the archives for a century. It presents the fights for freedom an equality that were fought even after slavery was abolished.

Enslavement of human beings didn’t end in the past. The exhibition also focuses on our own time and on new dimensions which slavery has assumed globally and locally. The exhibition gives a voice to people who are enslaved. It also serves a platform for organisations that endeavor to slavery today.

Together we can stop it!

Do you want to know more about the fight against modern slavery?

The Danish National Archives has made available millions of archives from the Danish West Indies. The Workers Museum has collaborated with experts from the National Archives about the historical part of the exhibition Stop slavery!

The Danish Royal Library has made available a very large photographic material from the Danish West Indies. The Workers Museum exhibits some items from the Royal Library.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) is the world’s leading expert in modern slavery issues. The Workers Museum has entered into a partnership with the ILO on the part of the special exhibition dealing with the present and modern slavery.

’50 for Freedom ‘is the official ILO campaign aimed at combating modern slavery by getting 50 countries to join an ILO protocol, which commits the countries to make an effort fighting  against slavery. Denmark joined the Protocol as Country No. 17 in June 2017.







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