Deadlines & Timeframe

Timeline for the entire project

2021 Spring Call for workers’ assembly halls globally – Collection Campaign
2021 Autumn Information about workers’ assembly halls collected
2022 All year Information about workers’ assembly halls collected and Nomination Dossier process designed
2023 All year Tentative List and Nomination Dossier prepared
2024 All year Nomination Dossier finalised for review
2025 January Nomination Dossier sent by the Danish government to UNESCO
2026 Autumn Response from UNESCO


The timeline is based on an estimate.


Collection Campaign

In April 2021 a campaign was launched to start an international search for workers’ assembly halls worldwide so that we can find the relevant and still existing buildings for a transnational serial nomination. We will continue to look for buildings that are suitable for the nomination or for being part of the International Network of Workers’ Assembly Places for the duration of the project as we expect the nomination to be submitted in two cycles, whereof the first will be in January 2024.

What does it take?

It is vital that all buildings within the serial nomination:

  • Can work towards enlisting on their own national tentative lists for world heritage before January 2024.
  • Have the resources and time to write up their parts of the nominations report, which is history of building, state of conservation, management plan, and sustainable tourism plan for post-nomination.
  • Live up to the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value, read more here.

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