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We need your help identifying buildings

We are launching an international search for workers’ assembly halls around the world to find the most representative buildings for a UNESCO World Heritage Transnational Serial Nomination.

Read about the call for buildings in the English version of the Collection Campaign Material. (Also available in Arabic, Spanish, Chinese and French)

Do you know of a workers’ assembly hall? Please, contact us.

Who can join?

The transnational serial nomination will consist of buildings that live up to the following criteria:

  • The building was established by the labour movement.
  • The building was used for the daily activities of the labour movement and ideally include facilities such as a meeting hall, offices, and possibly kitchen facilities in order to support political meetings, education of workers, social and cultural gatherings, assembly of workers and social network.
  • Even if the building is no longer in use as a workers’ assembly hall, it must still display the architectural layout that testifies to its use as an assembly hall.
  • The labour movement developed differently in different countries and therefore, there is no set time period for whent he assembly halls must have been built.
  • A crucial element of participating in the serial nomination is the ability to work towards enlisting on the national tentative list for World Heritage.

The transnational serial nomination should include all relevant and still existing workers’ assembly halls around the world. The series is to represent variations in how the labour movement developed and manifested in society through welfare and workers’ rights.

The buildings each represent an individual expression but have all had the same function and played a similar role in the political, cultural and social everyday activities of running and developing the labour movement locally.

International Network of Workers’ Assembly Places

Unfortunately, not all the identified workers’ assembly halls will be able to be part of the final nomination.

But we are still very interested in finding all still existing workers’ assembly halls as they would be part of a global network of workers’ assembly halls that will reach beyond the timeline of the UNESCO World Heritage nomination project. Assembly halls that will not be part of the nomination can still become part of an international network of workers’ monuments. You can read more about the network here.  So, do not hesitate to contact us.

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