The Coffee Bar

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A little piece of the 1950’s

The Coffee Bar is an integral part of Danish working class culture. At The Workers Museum we have a 1950’s coffee bar still in function – Kaffebaren.

The 1950’s coffee bars could be found all over the city of Copenhagen. There were over a 100 different bars for the workers to visit when going for lunch. The coffee bar was where the workers came for their break, to have a cup of coffee, to read the paper and to eat – either the dish of the day served in the coffee bar or the packed lunch brought from home.

The furniture in our own little coffee bar is from the days before the museum was established. It is the original furniture from when the building functioned as an Assembly Building and community Hall. Here we still serve cake – among others our famous chocolate biscuit cake – as well as candy, Danish Star-beer (only to be had in the Workers Museum!), sodas and hot chocolate. You can also enjoy a very special cup of coffee with the coffee substitute Rich’s in it, best known from days of product shortage during and right after the second world war. These refreshments can be enjoyed in the nostalgic surroundings next to the beautiful old Banquet Hall.

Contrary to the coffee bars of old days it is not possible to enjoy your packed lunch at the tables in Kaffebaren.

Reservation of tables is not possible.

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