The Banquet Hall>

Newly renovated

The Banquet Hall

Don't miss the beautiful banquet hall where so many historical events have taken place.

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The 1950s>


The 1950s

Have a stroll back to the 1950s in a time of post war, small money and time for change.

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To the Line>

Special Exhibition

To the Line

Cartoonist Klaus Albrectsen uses his pencil as a weapon to confront conformity and inequality.

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The Children's Workers Museum>

Free admission for children

The Children's Workers Museum

Let the kids play through history at the best museum for children in Copenhagen.

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The Industrial Workforce>

Permanent exhibition

The Industrial Workforce

Learn more about the industrial evolution, urbanisation and life of the working class.

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The Sørensen Family>

Permanent exhibition

The Sørensen Family

The daily life of a working-class family with eight children seen from their home in 1915.

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