The Childrens' Workers Museum>

When your great-grandmother was a child

The Childrens' Workers Museum

Try being a delivery boy, sorting bottles at the factory, or playing in a backyard.

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The 1950s>


The 1950s

Have a stroll back to the 1950s in a time of post war, small money and time for change.

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Women's Lives>

New exhibition on the way

Women's Lives

Look forward to October 13, 2023, when we open the long-awaited exhibition: Women's Lives.

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The Banquet Hall  >

Reverted back to 1913

The Banquet Hall

Experience the beautiful banquet hall, which has been restored with new exhibitions and light-sound.

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The Industrial Workforce>

Permanent exhibition

The Industrial Workforce

Learn more about the industrial evolution, urbanisation and life of the working class.

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The Movement 1871-2021>

Permanent Exhibition

The Movement 1871-2021

Organization and Community - an exhibition about the Danish labor movement through 150 years.

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