The Children's Workers Museum>

Play through history

The Children's Workers Museum

Go back in time to the 1930s and play and learn about everyday and working life for children.

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The Industrial Workforce>

Permanent exhibition

The Industrial Workforce

Learn more about the industrial evolution, urbanisation and life of the working class.

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The Sørensen Familiy>

Permanent exhibition

The Sørensen Familiy

The daily life of a working-class family with eight children seen from their home in 1915.

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Special exhibition


Experience the past 60 years of protest movements, demonstrations and activism in Denmark.

The 1950s>

Permanent exhibition

The 1950s

Go back in time to the 1950's. Visit the small working class apartment and the old time shops.

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The Coffee Bar>

Coffee and traditional Danish cake

The Coffee Bar

Take a break in the 1950's Coffee Bar and taste the traditional Danish cakes.

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