Clever Hands 

Join us on a journey into the world of craftsmanship. Where hands and heads work together to create. Where the focus is on craftsmanship and occupational pride. On handling a tool, processing material and mastering a trade.

Enter a world of trades

Through scenography, film and soundscapes you will be brought up close to dedicated craftsmen, taking you with them into their trades. Meet the master and the apprentice at work. Enter the portable cabin and hear the crew talk about rules, colleagues and nicknames.

Or try your hand at three-party negotiations between state, employer and employee, when a deal on in-service training is to be struck. Get a grip on the downsides, such as wear down, prejudices and lack of acknowledgement.

See the season’s test pieces, when newly graduated apprentices exhibit their skills.

Hear them tell about their piece and get a look into their trade.

You’ll also get the chance to look at your own skills. How often do you train your practical skills? And do you sometimes long to make something with your hands?

Work done by hand is a practical cultural education for all people. Skills we all need when navigating in the world. In shifting pop-up workshops, you can, therefore, test your practical and crafts-related skills. How much training is necessary before you become a master?

The exhibition is part of a 2-year project, which also includes a comprehensive program of events and lessons for lower secondary education students in the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school.

Throughout the exhibition period, there will be changing pop-up workshops, where you as a guest can train your practical and crafts-related skills

’Clever hands‘ is on until Juni 7, 2020, and is supported by:

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