The Children’s Workers Museum

Why didn’t all kids have their own bedroom in the past? Did they have any toys to play with? Did their teacher beat them up? And what did they do when they wanted to have fun?

Through games and using their senses children can experience how it was to be a working-class child generations ago.

Playing at the Kids’ Workers Museum, our youngest visitors can experience and imagine the life of working-class children around 1930. Both children and adults can listen to the story of the working-class boy Thorvald, who went on to become Denmark’s longest serving prime minister.

Kids visiting the museum can try working as a delivery boy or girl in the grocer’s shop, sort bottles at the brewery, or use a typewriter in the union office. They can also dress up in a sailor’s suit, dance at the dance school, play in a 1930s flat, or visit the pawnbroker and see if they can get a few pennies for an old coat.

The exhibition is especially suited for children aged around 3-12, who can visit the museum with their families or in smaller groups from their kindergarten or after-school club. Groups should remember to book in advance.