Everyone fights, but no one wins alone

Welcome to a new exhibition, where you step into the midst of Danish history. Here, you will meet housemaids and farm workers, machinists and office workers, skilled and unskilled laborers. People who, individually, are vulnerable but find strength in standing together.

Experience the story of equal rights, suffrage, strikebreakers and “flip proletarians,” negotiations and hunger. About reform, revolution, progress, and leisure.🚩

What the reviewers are saying:

”It’s easy to understand why change was needed” – ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Politiken May 26 2024

”Here, a conversation can start and continue long after one has left the museum” – Information May 16 2024

The right to a better life

Step into the harsh lives and world of the workers. In the maidservant’s damp chamber and in the family’s miserable attic apartment, where the cold seeps in between the boards. They have moved to the city in hopes of a better life.

Go back to a time when people fought for an 8-hour workday instead of a 12-hour. When strikes and lockouts were commonplace, but not something the family could survive on.

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Light over the land

In 1919, the workday was reduced to 8 hours. Workers now have genuine leisure time for the first time. And later, the right to vacation comes.

Leisure time is spent in allotment gardens, at folk high schools, at summer camps, or in study circles. Popular education is all the rage.

A 100-year-old lunchbox

In the exhibition, you can see Denmark’s oldest lunchbox (or more precisely a sack lunch). A rye bread sandwich with lard wrapped in a piece of paper from the newspaper Socialdemokraten dated August 20, 1886. Found 100 years later behind a panel at Rosenborg Castle. The craftsman who left his lunchbox there also left behind a small piece of Danish history.


Unavngivet (800 x 400 px)

Exhibition Design Kim Witzel & Marianne Hartvig Nielsen

Construction Kurtzweil

Graphic Design Caroline Krag & Ayo Villum Krogh

Sound MonoMono

Interior Design Tine Mette Jespersen

Figures Lisbet Stevens

Theatre Painter Rasmus Brandt

Film and Technical Assistance Robert Pedersen