Women’s Lives

Temporary Exhibition – rewriting women into history

From October 2023 to August 2025

Join us for an extraordinary narrative about the known and unknown women of Danish labour history. Discover stories of struggles, daily life, equal rights, and equal pay. Explore the right to one’s own body and place in history.

An exhibition for all senses

Women’s lives – Rewriting women into history is a sensory-rich exhibition filled with objects, stories and poetry that takes a detailed look at women’s lives over the past 150 years.

Experience daily life with dirty nappies, factory soot, and perpetual fear of pregnancy, but also sisterly solidarity, fresh air in allotment gardens, and hope for a better tomorrow.
Take a peek into the mailboxes as well: a world of touching, intense, and thought-provoking dilemmas and quandaries told over time to advice column editors Caja Rude, Tove Ditlevsen, Hanne Reintoft and Tine Bryld.

Step into the battle for social change with calls to action, posters and slogans demanding equal rights, equal pay, and the right to decide over one’s own body. Do you have what it takes to brave the fighting machine and kindle your fighting spirit ?

Meet the pioneers as well. Those who kicked down doors, pushed boundaries and deserve a place in the history books.

Let’s rewrite women into history together!

Co-curator Gry Jexen  

In Women’s lives – Rewriting women into history, you will meet nine pioneers, all of whom have made a very special mark in the Danish labour movement, politics and culture. The nine women were selected in collaboration with historian Gry Jexen, author of Danish bestseller Kvinde kend din historie (Know Your History, Woman).

Learn more about the women featured in the exhibition and hear Gry Jexen explain the considerations behind the selection of these nine, in particular, out of so many amazing female historical figures.


Many thanks to our partners and foundations for their generous support!

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